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"We love it when a small developer comes up with a product this good." " instrument that will instantly transport tracks to a far off land infused with magic and mystery. As with all Kong Audio plugs, ChineeWinds makes ample use of various MIDI controllers to provide an extra few layers of nuance and expression" - Computer Music "Die Sample-Sammlung ist hörenswert [..] Insgesamt spürt man bei der Zusammenstellung der Samples die sorgfältige Hand des Herstellers.." - Keyboards (DE) "This volume is a must-have if you’re involved in film, world music, or just looking to add a spicy Asian twist to your productions." - Virtual Instrument Magazine On ChineePiPa: "Another worthy addition to Kong Audio's set of authentic Chinese instruments... the quality and expression of the samples really shines through. Score: 9/10 - Music Tech "La variet?e la tipologia di questi samples lascia spazio ad ogni genere musicale." - CM2 "These Chinee instruments should be snapped up by any PC musician who wants a taste of the orient, before Kong Audio come to their senses and put the prices up!" "Superb playability with real-time switching..." ...the 66 presets of the Chinee Pipa capable of highly authentic- sounding results with just a few minutes of practice...this download-only instrument is an absolute bargain...highly recommended for anyone who wants to add some oriental flavour to their music... “ "Pros: ‧ Authentic Chinese instruments played by talented Chinese performers. ‧ Superb playability with real-time switching between up to four sample sets in real time. ‧ Incredible value for money! " - Sound On Sound
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“Verdict: The most comprehensive and convincing sampled authentic Chinese instrument sounds in the world, in our opinion.” - Computer Music (see full review) “After a few minutes with Chinee Orchestra you really do feel you're playing the real instruments from your keyboard, guided by experienced phantom players. Ye gods, these instruments are expressive, and well worthy of our highest five-star rating!” - Sound On Sound (see full review) "Wenn Sie Ihre Produktion mit klassischen chinesischen Instrumenten veredeln möchten, sollten Sie bei Chinee Orchestra einmal ein Ohr riskieren. Die gebotenen Instrumente überzeugen mit einem authentischen Klang sowie einer nuancierten und dynamischen Spielbarkeit."  - Beat magazine "Well performed by experts on these instruments this product captures the heart of China." - Sonic Tv: Insights: Chinee Orchestra "Inmediatamente...encontrará que dispone de una estupenda colección de sonidos orientales absolutamente necesarios para compositores de bandas sonoras para juegos, películas o TV, y también para aquellos que se dedican a producir música de relajación."  - 2496audio “Die Software bietet erstaunlich viele Klangvarianten und Einstellungen.” 5.5 stars out of 6. - Digital Notes (see full review)
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